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Motionless Wind Turbines

Motionless wind turbines are 50% more efficient than traditional turbines and can generate up to 100% renewable electricity.

The concept of on-site immobile wind turbines is making remarkable gains in science and technology. When integrated with solar energy systems, they can provide an optimal quantity of energy while being more efficient than the current wind turbine system. Not to mention, the system respects the concept of a green and sustainable environment and is not capable of harming the environment.


Technology has been developed to create a wind turbine system that takes up only 10% of the building's area while continuously performing a range of duties independent of weather or other circumstances. Around 20-40 units have been placed on the sides that are directly in the direction of the wind to assure the system's efficiency.

These units, in turn, can generate energy by connecting to the building's internal electrical system, allowing them to generate up to 100% of the energy.

Its technology minimizes legacy limits caused by spinning wind turbines and less efficient solar panels.

One more step towards success…….

"This is a game-changer that adds new value to the rapidly expanding rooftop power generating sector, assisting organisations in meeting their resilience and sustainability goals with an untapped distributed renewable energy source." However, because the system is highly inexpensive, this technology would tremendously benefit commercial property owners in terms of energy cost savings.

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