The Annual Research and Technology Festival of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of IIT Bombay, Radiance was first initiated in the year 2007. Over the years, it has built its own legacy and reputation of being a platform for fostering brotherhood amongst the Mechanical Engineering fraternity across the nation.



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Workshops at Radiance bring you face to face with the latest technology while providing you valuable hands-on experience under the guidance of renowned professionals.


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Technology never ceases to amaze us with its prodigious involvement in our daily life. In this era of technological advancement and spirit of leaping forward in every way.Welcome


Lectures launched

Lecture series aims at helping millions of young minds realize their dreams by giving them a platform where they can interact with ingenious personalities from all over the world


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Exhibitions at Radiance plays host to the technological avant-garde, satisfying the inquisitive vigor of spiraling queues and massive hordes every year.Come be a part of it.


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To connect with enthusiastic people and to bring more and more colleges in our reach, we have the campus ambassador program. You get a unique opportunity to associate with Radiance IIT Bombay


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Are you interested in knowing how things work.How an IC engine can generate so much accelration, and a lot more. Cheak the ENGINEER'S DIGEST every post to learn new and interesting facts.