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                     Annual Festival of

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Events and competition

Industrial Workshop:

A one-day conference that brings together scholars and practitioners from academia and industry and offers the chance for networking, idea sharing, problem-solving, and the identifying potential areas for collaboration.

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Technical Exhibition:

The Technical Exhibition provides a  platform for business executives, skilled technologists, investors, and entrepreneurs to exchange ideas on the technological advancements that are reshaping the economic landscape. The event is prepared to present the newest technologies and innovations as the ultimate display of the development and limitless potential of the embedded technology sector.

Robo Challenges:

Universities, research institutions, industries, and individual innovators from all around the world compete in this competition to create solutions using autonomous robotic technology to overcome various challenges.

Lecture Series:

The Radiance Lecture Series features a diverse range of lectures and seminars by industrialists, scholars, and experts in the field of Mechanical Engineering invited by Radiance and MEA, IITB.

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Our Partner


Mechanical engineering Enthusiastic students from universities all over India can be part of the Radiance Family by enrolling in the campus ambassador program '22-'23.
Once you become a CA, you can conduct fun events at your college on behalf of Radiance! 
We also have some awesome perks for you!

Best CAs get invited to IIT BOMBAY for the final event.
You get exclusive IIT BOMBAY customized Goodies and Merchandise 
You can enhance your network by interacting with 1000s of people.

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